Every day more and more people decide to pursue the dream of starting their own business. The opportunity to be your own boss, with the freedom and flexibility that self-employment brings, is a huge motivation to test the entrepreneurial waters. For someone with passion for food, opening a restaurant is the ultimate dream. With the economy improving and an increasing number of consumers want to dine out, there might have never been a better moment to open a restaurant in the past few years than now. And one of the regions that are in the middle of a restaurant boom is the South Florida tri-county area, especially the Broward County.

Opening a restaurant can be a very costly venture, starting from tens of thousands of dollars to couple of millions, depending on size and location. From the fitting of appliances in your kitchen, setting up the menu, décor, to the staff uniforms and training, everywhere you look you have start-up expenses. That is why many aspiring entrepreneurs are constantly finding new ways to keep up with the budget and save wherever they can, without sacrificing quality or service.

Why open a restaurant in Broward County?

Broward County FloridaWhether you are planning to rent space or build from scratch, selecting a location is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a restaurant owner. You need a location that draws crowds, that is easily accessible, has potential for growth, and still fits within your budget. It seems logical that a location in the heart of downtown has a better chance of attracting more customers, but if you carefully consider expenses and the potential profit, it might make more sense to pick a quieter location, close enough to downtown to entice customers, but far enough to avoid high renting/building cost.

Broward County is the golden location for opening a restaurant in South Florida. Not only that the new airline routes and cruise lines bring in more guests, but alsomore residents can afford to eat out, after finding jobs in the improving post-recession market. Restaurant scene in South Florida has exploded in the past few years. New restaurants are opening in Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach and Pembroke Pines, the food scene shows no signs of slowing down. But how exactly can you save money by opening a food service operation in Broward County?

Save money on equipment: from purchase to shipping

If you are you are seriously considering opening your own restaurant, pizzeria, grill, bar or café, you already know that the heart and soul of any eatery is the kitchen. The cost of outfitting a commercial kitchen for even a small food business can cost over $50,000.From the ovens and grills, fridge or freezer space, various food prep items, to work tables, coffee and ice machines and smallwares, list can be very long and expenses add up fast. Add the shipping rates, and there goes the significant portion of your start-up budget.

Lauro Restaurant Equipment can help you save money on appliances and restaurant supplies. Besides offering high quality pre-owned items at lower cost, we also offer flexible financing solutions and leasing options for both new and used kitchen equipment. And because our main goal is the complete customer satisfaction, we also provide free shipping for the entire Broward County area. Wherever you are, from Coral Springs to Miramar, from Weston to Hollywood, we will make sure that your restaurant supplies get right to your door. You can browse our items and order restaurant equipment online, or come visit us at our 25,000 square feet showroom in Fort Lauderdale.